Urbanism Speakeasy is a weekly internet broadcast about human-scale design hosted by Andy Boenau. That’s just a slick way of saying we’re a podcast about making places better for people.

The tone is lighthearted and optimistic, but that doesn’t mean we avoid sensitive topics. Our host is an urbanism raconteur who wants to inspire you to take action to improve your community through stories, case studies, and interviews.

City planning, new urbanism, open streets, individual liberty and lots more. Technical topics are discussed in plain English. No fancy degrees or secret knocks required.

Why a speakeasy? Because here you can speak your mind without fearing agents of the status quo. Look to your left and to your right at Urbanism Speakeasy, and you’ll see disruptive planners and critical thinkers. You won’t agree with everyone on the show, but we hope to provoke thoughtful critique of the built environment.

Please enjoy your time with us!

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