You have a story to tell. Probably lots of stories.

Podcasting does not require computer science or electrical engineering skills. The equipment I use is below. The links are affiliates, meaning Amazon kicks me some coins if you take the purchasing plunge. (Same low Amazon cost to you!)

  • Mic. Assuming you have a computer with internet access, the microphone is the most important ingredient. Watch for sales on the Audio Technica 2100. It’s a great mic, and often dips in price.
  • Foam. Get it with the mic. Cheap, and covers your dreadful saliva and popping habits.
  • Recorder. To begin, just record directly to your computer. Use something like the Zoom when you want to go mobile or record for long periods of time and don’t trust your computer software.
  • Mixer. Fun to have, but you don’t need it to get started. Grab the mic and start recording!