New Urbanism Film Festival, with creators Josh & Joel


Sustainable Cities Collective

Josh Paget is a comedian living in Los Angeles. Joel Karahadian is a musician and doesn’t always wear socks.

These guys created the New Urbanism Film Festival – an event to showcase films about the built environment and its connection to human living.

You’ll hear us talking about their recent Kickstarter project. It closed on July 3, 2014, and I’m happy to say they met their funding goal. So congrats, guys. Maybe I’ll try to crowdsource a ticket to visit you in LA.


Why new urbanism?

Neither one of these guys has a pedigree in planning or engineering or construction. So what is it about new urbanism that captures their attention to the point where they create an annual event?

Josh and Joel talk about authors, events, and everyday observations that put them on their current course.

You may want to pause the show and visit the film festival Kickstarter page to hear more of the back-story.


placemaking evangelism

New urbanists are quite aware of the existing body of believers. We hang out (in person and online), learn from each other, and have blast at the annual Congress for the New Urbanism.

We know how to reach planners, engineers, architects. How do you take this message of new urbanism — of making more informed decisions about infrastructure — to a broader audience with a film festival?


a festival of ideas

Are submissions limited to bona fide Hollywood insiders? No!

Crusty amateurs like you and me are welcome to submit. If you’re listening to this show, I’m pretty sure you also have the technological wherewithal to record an idea you’ve had bouncing around your head.

Josh and Joel like to describe their event as a festival of ideas, not just films. So yes, learning from DIY cinematography YouTube videos is fun, but it’s not necessary to get involved here.

Community gardens, neighborhood library in your front yard, critical mass bike rides — what’s on your mind?

You have 2 weeks to submit. Do it!

I will if you will.


Connect with the guests

Josh Paget and Joel Karahadian are standing by, waiting to hear from you!

New Urbanism Film Festival: [website] and [Facebook] and [Twitter].


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