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Build better cities in the South

Southern Urbanism is a nonprofit with some fantastic programs on the horizon, and they need financial support.

“Southern urbanism” is no longer an oxymoron.

Southern cities don’t have the population density of New York or Toronto, and that’s ok. Diversity of size and scale is wonderful. But let’s face it, sprawl has thrived in the South. Still, delightful places are absolutely achievable without big city densities.

Step 1 = learn the what/why/how of good urbanism.

Step 2 = apply what you learn.

I joined up with a new nonprofit called Southern Urbanism whose mission is to build better cities in the South. Everything they do is geared towards the application of human-scale design ideas that you read about here in Urbanism Speakeasy.

So if I’m writing about the Step 1, Southern Urbanism is the Step 2 that equips practitioners, policy makers, and advocates to build better cities.

Watch the video above and then head over to the fundraising page or tap the button below. This is really important work, and I hope you can help.

Help build better cities in the South!

Do you know someone who’d be interested in giving to Southern Urbanism? Please share this message with them. Thank you so much!


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Urbanism Speakeasy with Andy Boenau
Urbanism Speakeasy with Andy Boenau
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