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Give ear to the oracle of divine transport!

Wondering how to manifest harmonious transportation systems? The universe is telling you to begin each and every day with the Bicycle Buddha.

I have an extreme bias for bicycle-friendly infrastructure. You know this. Better infrastructure means more reliable options for getting around safely.

I spent many years analyzing traffic, writing project reports, facilitating public meetings, and trying to convince experts to expand bike networks. Now, most of my time is spent helping others with their storytelling and persuasion. I put together an oracle card deck for anyone who wants to normalize healthy and car-optional living.

If you’re a fan of bicycle propagandart and happy communities, these cards are for you!

WARNING: the product described below may harm feelings within the Automotive Industrial Complex

The Bicycle Buddha Oracle Deck is the secret to ushering in peace, hope, and love to your neighborhood streets.

Bicycle Buddha is a Śramaṇa circling our celestial body with two wheels and a light heart. He is regarded as the smirkiest propagandartist of human-scale design, having rediscovered an ancient path to escape the cycle of automotive birth and rebirth.

The enlightenment quest of our mobility monk began in the bleak Cubicle of Conformity, before he settled into the abandoned Saddle of Intellectual Curiosity. It is said the Bicycle Buddha never dismounts, peddling peaceful pleasure around the world.

“What will people say?”

Peter Norton is a professor and author of Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City and Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving. Here’s what he had to say about the deck:

The Wheel of Samsara is driven by the Sprocket of Consciousness that is turned by the Chain of Being which is impelled by the Pedal of the Bicycle Buddha.

But following the Original Unity, we have been afflicted with the long Chain of Pairs of Opposites – Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Lime and Uber – but all spokes of the Wheel lead to the same hub, and that hub is called Unity – where the Oracle Deck joins its Audience as One.

Before the Universe began, Destiny decreed that these cards must find their way to their vast and growing audience of True Disciples!

“Where do I get this amazing gift of life?”

You’ve got two options for the 52-card deck.

  1. Physical cards shipped in a box.

  2. Digital cards beamed to your phone.

Urbanism Speakeasy with Andy Boenau
Urbanism Speakeasy with Andy Boenau
Andy Boenau