Livable, walkable street desgin with Reid Ewing (part 2)

livable, walkable street

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Urban: so much more than “big city”.

What is urban? It’s more than mega-cities. Language is important – you’ll want to hear this. If you aren’t familiar with new urbanism, Reid drops some names for you to investigate. (And I’ll be quick to add a hearty amen to this list!) Four thought leaders on street design are listed below with links to some of their work. Amazon is a partner, so you’re helping the Urbanism Speakeasy if you purchase through us — with zero additional cost to you.


What makes a place walkable?

Ok, on with a discussion of Pedestrian and Transit Oriented Design. It’s intended to be an evidence-based resource for good street design. Craving empirical data? You’ve come to the right place. Reid unpacks five key qualities of walkable places: imagibility, enclosure, human scale, transparency, and complexity. Tune in for the details on each.

We conclude the conversation with some essentials of good street design. You might be surprised by a couple of these. After listening, let us know what you think.


Connect with our guest

A Google search for “Reid Ewing” will bring you to a certain celebrity son. So if you’re interested in Modern Family, that’s fine. But be sure to visit the University of Utah website to find out more about Reid’s work. His most recent book is available on Amazon. But if you’re an APA member, you’ll get a $20 discount!



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