Well said, there are lots of options once we look beyond the current models. It wasn't all that long ago when no transportation was subsidized.

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Of course, this is how transportation was "paid" as it was first built out, both of the streetcar suburbs and in many cases for larger rail lines.

The mobility amenity that creates arbitrage in the value of raw/agricultural land that now can be developed into more valuable uses.

Same thing that building a new highway, or widening an existing one does.

Except, in America, we don't have a way (or a cultural desire) to capture any of the upside publicly when we make these massive investments.

Socialize the losses, privatize the gains---all the way down.

So, as you know, in Hong Kong or Japan (or many other successful places) when they plan and invest in a new transportation line, they not only develop and reap the rewards of the stations and adjacent areas themselves, but they also often "develop" much of the land in the area surrounding the line and stations.

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Apr 27, 2023Liked by Andy Boenau

I didn't get accepted, but a few years ago, I applied to one of those programs that pays you to put an advertising decal on your car. I always thought that was a great idea. If it would cover the cost of ownership, my car would look like it belonged on a NASCAR track, it would have so many ads on it.

And as screens continue to get thinner and consumer lower energy, there's definitely a future in which we could display digital ads on vehicles. Video would probably be too distracting for other drivers, but just being able to remotely change the ad display would be huge. We could have AdSense for cars

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